Scattered Trees

SSR-001 - "Sympathy" 

Big Tree

SSR-002 "This New Year" 

Matt Duncan

SSR-003 "Soft Times,"  SSR-006 "Beacon," & SSR-013 "Everlong"

Holy Ghost Tent Revival

SSR-004 "So Long I Screamed..." 


SSR-005 "MODOC" & SSR-008 "Live At Grimey's"

Nick D' & The Believers

SSR-007 "EP's" 

DAAP Girls

SSR-009 "Look Inside Your Love"

The Gills

SSR-010 "Lemonade / La-Di-Da"

Walking Man

SSR-011 "Maybel / Masquerade"

Krystal Peterson & The Queen City Band

SSR-012 "I Ain't Cryin' / Better Way"

Republican Hair

SSR-014 "High and Tight EP"

Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.06.50 AM.png


SSR-015 "I Love Everything / Honey"

Sylmar Wall Final.jpg

Fort Defiance

SSR-016 "Shadows Through A Canyon / Warzone Serenade"