Soul Step Update 11/17

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

Hello everyone!

Lots to talk about here. So let's get started. 

  • Matt Duncan Pre-Orders!

We're almost ready to ship! Orders will be going out by the end of November. We are hoping that we will even have some copies at the Northside Record Fair. I need to tell you we have very limited edition CONFETTI BOMB VINYL left! So head over to our purchase page and pick one up before they are gone.

  • Nick D' & The Believers Pre-Orders!

This goes live tomorrow. We are turning these loose tomorrow, Tuesday November 18th at 1PM EST. Like any release, we'll be doing 100 BANG BANG VINYL. This will be gold dust vinyl with black vinyl coming out from the center label. We'll have a dual-cover vinyl jacket. There is a lot to love about this one!

Like any release, once these 100 limited vinyl are gone - they will be GONE. Don't miss. Once we move past the 100 limited vinyl we will have the regular vinyl up for sale, and these records will be part of a bundle package through our webstore. 

Speaking of the Northside Record Fair, we'll be there! All the needed info click here. The event is Saturday, November 22nd. Come and (hopefully) get your hands on a Matt Duncan "Beacon" record and listen to the Nick D' test pressing!

In addition to all this, we're even working on SSR-008. It's good to make some records. 


Thank you for all your support. Continue to spread the good word about Soul Step!

Soul Step Update March 7th 2014

Posted on by Melvin Dillon


Lots of great things happening around SSR HQ. I wanted to take a quick moment to share some of the goings-on.


We currently are talking to a couple of different artists and we're not sure which will come first. The bad news is that the next SSR release is still a bit away - however we're working with multiple artists to ensure lots of fantastic discoveries for you in the near future. 


So a new fan who has been picking up SSR LP's made a little post on Reddit recently. Within hours it shot to the top of the Vinyl section of the site and has brought many new friends into the SSR fold. We're so thrilled and honored for all the kind words buzzing around the web. We're blessed to have the best and most passionate fans who support us. We could not do it without you. If you want to read, link is here

DJ Soul Step

So owner Melvin has been spinning records all over the Cincinnati area recently. We've been at Par's Place in Fairfield, and we'll be playing alongside friends in Magnolia Sons down at The Drinkery in OTR on Saturday the 8th for BOCKFEST. We'll also be playing Listermann Brewing for the Anniversary of their Triple Digit line on Friday the 14th. 


I guess we are making noise locally. We're going to be part of an upcoming issue of CityBeat, a local circular in the Cincinnati area. Be on the lookout for Soul Step invading the publications!

Needless to say, it's been a busy couple of weeks!

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Soul Step Records Update 10/25/13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon



It's been a busy October here at Soul Step Records HQ. We're going to cover a lot but we'll be brief.  


We don't know if you have heard, but our latest signing (SSR-005) is Nashville's own MODOC. Head over to our MODOC section of our website to hear tracks and understand this incredible rock and roll talent. This album is going to be something to behold - a power pop masterpiece that doesn't let go until the final track.  

We'll be setting pre-orders live for the first 100 "Blueberries and Cream Vinyl" on November 19th. These will be translucent blue vinyl with white wisps. We will ship in the next month. Stay tuned to SSR for updates. 

2) Write-Up.

We've been participating in Record Fairs recently to connect with our local vinyl scene and we meet a new friend in Jeff Wilson. He's a vinyl die-hard here in Cincinnati - and he recently wrote about us. Read it here.

3) Matt Duncan heads to BROADWAY.

SSR artist Matt Duncan (SSR-003) has landed a part in the Broadway revival of Hedwig & The Angry Inch starring Neil Patrick Harris in the lead role. We are so thrilled for Matt to be taking part of this huge opportunity and we're hoping he will be making some new vinyl fans in NYC - especially NPH! 

4) DJ Gigs.

DJ Soul Step will be spinning at Barrio in Cincinnati on Halloween night as well as Nov. 8th. There will be even more coming during the winter months.  


That's all for now. Keep up with us and we look forward to you pre-ordering for MODOC very soon! 

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Soul Step Records Update 9.3.13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

Hey ya'll.

What a busy summer it's been. We're on the heels of the fourth Soul Step Release, Holy Ghost Tent Revival's "So Long I Screamed" and have moved all over the place DJ'ing. 

1. Holy Ghost Tent Revival Update

So we've officially SOLD OUT of our special limited-to-100 DOWN THE STREET Vinyl. This one is a beauty. There may pop up one or two in special places down the keep an eye out.  

SHIPPING!  Now believe us when we say we're sorry that it hasn't made it to your turntables yet. These special vinyl are done handmade and sometimes they take longer than we anticipate. However we promise they will be worth it. As soon as they arrive at our HQ, we'll let you know. We'll have them all shipped promptly. 

Standard Vinyl is our only variant available now for Holy Ghost Tent Revival. For our past releases, we've done a standard BLACK vinyl. However this will be a mixed color vinyl even for the standard. What color(s) will they be? We have no idea. We told them at the plant just to throw everything in and see what we get. Should be interesting and ensure that even if you have missed out on the DOWN THE STREET vinyl you can snatch a special HGTR and Soul Step vinyl. 

2. DJ Soul Step

Owner and founder Melvin  has hit the road hard spinning. We've recently came to an agreement with Barrio here in Cincinnati to be the exclusive place to catch Melvin spin. He'll mostly be spinning Soul nights, but be aware for sock hop night, 60 & 70's pop, 80's Dance Party, and Hip-Hop Nights. There is a ton in store.  

He has also going on the road. Catch him in Virginia on the 13th. For all booking inquiries, contact us at  

3. New Pick Two, Three, and Four Bundles!

These are available now in our webstore. If you need to purchase more than one Soul Step LP, this is the cheapest way to do it. You can get caught up on your SSR collection in no time!

4. Pipeline

We've got some artists we're speaking with now to release for SSR-005. We've got some ideas for new T-shirts. We've got alot on the brain. Keep an eye out and keep in touch. Lots of great stuff coming soon.  






Soul Step Records Update 7.17.13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

We've got a ton to talk about.



We'll be hitting the road here very soon. Catch us this Friday at Barrio's in Northside. We'll go on around 9PM and go til they shut the power down. We'll be doing some more dates in CIncy, Kentucky, and Virginia. Keep your eyes peeled.  


2) Pre-Order for Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

Don't forget about it! We're still on pace for a July 29th Pre-Order. So keep those eyes peeled for more details, pics, and sounds! This is an album that MUST have a place in your record collection. 


3) Item of The Month. 

The Soul Step T-Shirt is on sale for only 10 bucks right now. You better act fast - because some sizes are already sold out. Head over and pick up your shirt today. There is a fantastic way to support Soul Step without even owning a record player. 


4) Our artists are making moves! 

Big Tree just launched pre-orders via Kickstarter for a new EP. I've gotten to hear the tracks and this is a must for you Big Tree fans.  


Matt Duncan has gotten involved with the Lexington Community Supported Art League - and he's putting up 50 7" vinyl with an unreleased track. WOW! Order quick or these will be gone forever. It's Matt Duncan like you've NEVER heard him!


Scattered Trees (Aka On An On) continue to wrap critical acclaim for their latest album "Give In."  - catch them on tour now. Holy Ghost Tent Revival are also on the road.  

Support these artists and buy the LP's through the Soul Step Records Webstore! 


That's all for now! Come out and see us sometime! 

Melvin D. 

SSR-004 Announced!

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

Soul Step Records, Cincinnati’s own independent vinyl-only record label is proud to announce their latest release from Holy Ghost Tent Revival and putting So Long I Screamed.. on vinyl for the first time. Pre-orders begin July 29th. 

Holy Ghost Tent Revival hails from Greensboro, NC, and has swept away audiences over the past five years and built a reputation for energetic, tightly crafted music with meaningful lyrics presented in passionate performances. 

“So Long I Screamed” is indicative of the national folk explosion. At its core an acoustic album, it has a ring of bluegrass, and an infectious energy of rock. This is an album chock full of driving horn sections, rich harmonies, and catchy melodies. 

As per usual, Soul Step Records will be releasing 100 in a special limited edition vinyl. Fresh upon the critical success of Matt Duncan’s “Fortune Teller Vinyl,” for So Long I Screamed Soul Step Records will be releasing “Down The Street Vinyl.” Named after one of the tracks from So Long I Screamed, “Down The Street Vinyl” is not your typical multi-colored vinyl. “Down The Street Vinyl” will be a dark green marbled color with a stripe of black vinyl running down the middle. It’s going to be a beauty. Once these first 100 are gone - they will not be re-pressed. The remainder will be pressed in standard black vinyl. However, we may have a trick or two up our sleeves. 

Pre-sale for the “Down The Street Vinyl” as well as the remainder of the vinyl will be live at on July 29th. 

Soul Step Records. 

Leaders of the Vinyl Revival.

 / Facebook: soulsteprecords / Twitter: soulsteprecords / Instagram: soulsteprecords


Soul Step Update 6.3.12

Posted on by Melvin Dillon


it's been a busy couple of weeks over here at Soul Step HQ. We've moved into new HQ, updated our website and webstore, and got lots of great things in the works. Let's walk through a couple. 

1.  Soul Step Item of the Month

We've launched this last month with our Soul Step Slipmat. We've moved onto June with our friends BIG TREE. Their LP "This New Year" is on sale NOW! 

To purchase Big Tree's LP on the cheap - click here!

2. SSR-004.

We were a bit premature on the announcement of our next release. However trust us when we say that It's coming soon. You'll love the artist and the special vinyl will be the smoke. We're also hot on the tails for SSR-005. Good things are happening!

3. DJ Soul Step 

If you are in the Cincinnati area- you must come out to Rake's End on Saturday June 15th. DJ Soul Step will be spinning soul gems from 10pm - 2am. Come out and dance dance dance!

Click here for the event details and to RSVP!

4. The Final FORTUNE TELLER.....for Charity!

This is it guys. We're donating the proceeds to the Red Cross of Oklahoma after watching the devastating tornadoes hit the region. 

We only pressed 100 of these - and they sold out faster than any Soul Step release. We however did not sell one. We wanted to hold this back in order to help out a charity. After watching the events of the Oklahoma tornadoes - Soul Step Records and Matt Duncan knew that it was time to let this final Fortune Teller Vinyl go in order to raise funds to help out. Place a bid. Go big or go home. It all goes to help those in need. 

The proceeds will be donated to the Oklahoma Red Cross. 

This is your last chance if you've missed on a Fortune Teller Vinyl. 

Click here for the auction at eBay!