Soul Step Records Update 10/25/13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon



It's been a busy October here at Soul Step Records HQ. We're going to cover a lot but we'll be brief.  


We don't know if you have heard, but our latest signing (SSR-005) is Nashville's own MODOC. Head over to our MODOC section of our website to hear tracks and understand this incredible rock and roll talent. This album is going to be something to behold - a power pop masterpiece that doesn't let go until the final track.  

We'll be setting pre-orders live for the first 100 "Blueberries and Cream Vinyl" on November 19th. These will be translucent blue vinyl with white wisps. We will ship in the next month. Stay tuned to SSR for updates. 

2) Write-Up.

We've been participating in Record Fairs recently to connect with our local vinyl scene and we meet a new friend in Jeff Wilson. He's a vinyl die-hard here in Cincinnati - and he recently wrote about us. Read it here.

3) Matt Duncan heads to BROADWAY.

SSR artist Matt Duncan (SSR-003) has landed a part in the Broadway revival of Hedwig & The Angry Inch starring Neil Patrick Harris in the lead role. We are so thrilled for Matt to be taking part of this huge opportunity and we're hoping he will be making some new vinyl fans in NYC - especially NPH! 

4) DJ Gigs.

DJ Soul Step will be spinning at Barrio in Cincinnati on Halloween night as well as Nov. 8th. There will be even more coming during the winter months.  


That's all for now. Keep up with us and we look forward to you pre-ordering for MODOC very soon! 

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