Soul Step Records Update 7.17.13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

We've got a ton to talk about.



We'll be hitting the road here very soon. Catch us this Friday at Barrio's in Northside. We'll go on around 9PM and go til they shut the power down. We'll be doing some more dates in CIncy, Kentucky, and Virginia. Keep your eyes peeled.  


2) Pre-Order for Holy Ghost Tent Revival.

Don't forget about it! We're still on pace for a July 29th Pre-Order. So keep those eyes peeled for more details, pics, and sounds! This is an album that MUST have a place in your record collection. 


3) Item of The Month. 

The Soul Step T-Shirt is on sale for only 10 bucks right now. You better act fast - because some sizes are already sold out. Head over and pick up your shirt today. There is a fantastic way to support Soul Step without even owning a record player. 


4) Our artists are making moves! 

Big Tree just launched pre-orders via Kickstarter for a new EP. I've gotten to hear the tracks and this is a must for you Big Tree fans.  


Matt Duncan has gotten involved with the Lexington Community Supported Art League - and he's putting up 50 7" vinyl with an unreleased track. WOW! Order quick or these will be gone forever. It's Matt Duncan like you've NEVER heard him!


Scattered Trees (Aka On An On) continue to wrap critical acclaim for their latest album "Give In."  - catch them on tour now. Holy Ghost Tent Revival are also on the road.  

Support these artists and buy the LP's through the Soul Step Records Webstore! 


That's all for now! Come out and see us sometime! 

Melvin D.