Soul Step Records Update 9.3.13

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

Hey ya'll.

What a busy summer it's been. We're on the heels of the fourth Soul Step Release, Holy Ghost Tent Revival's "So Long I Screamed" and have moved all over the place DJ'ing. 

1. Holy Ghost Tent Revival Update

So we've officially SOLD OUT of our special limited-to-100 DOWN THE STREET Vinyl. This one is a beauty. There may pop up one or two in special places down the keep an eye out.  

SHIPPING!  Now believe us when we say we're sorry that it hasn't made it to your turntables yet. These special vinyl are done handmade and sometimes they take longer than we anticipate. However we promise they will be worth it. As soon as they arrive at our HQ, we'll let you know. We'll have them all shipped promptly. 

Standard Vinyl is our only variant available now for Holy Ghost Tent Revival. For our past releases, we've done a standard BLACK vinyl. However this will be a mixed color vinyl even for the standard. What color(s) will they be? We have no idea. We told them at the plant just to throw everything in and see what we get. Should be interesting and ensure that even if you have missed out on the DOWN THE STREET vinyl you can snatch a special HGTR and Soul Step vinyl. 

2. DJ Soul Step

Owner and founder Melvin  has hit the road hard spinning. We've recently came to an agreement with Barrio here in Cincinnati to be the exclusive place to catch Melvin spin. He'll mostly be spinning Soul nights, but be aware for sock hop night, 60 & 70's pop, 80's Dance Party, and Hip-Hop Nights. There is a ton in store.  

He has also going on the road. Catch him in Virginia on the 13th. For all booking inquiries, contact us at  

3. New Pick Two, Three, and Four Bundles!

These are available now in our webstore. If you need to purchase more than one Soul Step LP, this is the cheapest way to do it. You can get caught up on your SSR collection in no time!

4. Pipeline

We've got some artists we're speaking with now to release for SSR-005. We've got some ideas for new T-shirts. We've got alot on the brain. Keep an eye out and keep in touch. Lots of great stuff coming soon.