Soul Step Update 11/17

Posted on by Melvin Dillon

Hello everyone!

Lots to talk about here. So let's get started. 

  • Matt Duncan Pre-Orders!

We're almost ready to ship! Orders will be going out by the end of November. We are hoping that we will even have some copies at the Northside Record Fair. I need to tell you we have very limited edition CONFETTI BOMB VINYL left! So head over to our purchase page and pick one up before they are gone.

  • Nick D' & The Believers Pre-Orders!

This goes live tomorrow. We are turning these loose tomorrow, Tuesday November 18th at 1PM EST. Like any release, we'll be doing 100 BANG BANG VINYL. This will be gold dust vinyl with black vinyl coming out from the center label. We'll have a dual-cover vinyl jacket. There is a lot to love about this one!

Like any release, once these 100 limited vinyl are gone - they will be GONE. Don't miss. Once we move past the 100 limited vinyl we will have the regular vinyl up for sale, and these records will be part of a bundle package through our webstore. 

Speaking of the Northside Record Fair, we'll be there! All the needed info click here. The event is Saturday, November 22nd. Come and (hopefully) get your hands on a Matt Duncan "Beacon" record and listen to the Nick D' test pressing!

In addition to all this, we're even working on SSR-008. It's good to make some records. 


Thank you for all your support. Continue to spread the good word about Soul Step!